Fleet Tracking for Telecom Companies

To stay competitive and increase customer satisfaction, you need to offer shorter service windows and accurate ETAs. A telematics solution like Carmine gives you the insight it takes to deliver. From finding the fastest route to rerouting on the fly in case of a delay, you’ll have full control.

Of course, on-time service is just the start. Carmine’s GPS tracking system allows you to monitor and address unsafe driving behaviors, protect vehicles from breakdowns and even know exactly when your drivers arrive at a job and leave – so there’s no disputes over service.

Fleet Tracking for Telecom Companies

Tighten Service Windows

Dispatch drivers quickly and accurately, finding the best routes and rerouting the next closest driver in case of an unforeseen delay

Fleet Tracking for Telecom Companies

Improve Productivity

By keeping in touch with drivers directly through the Carmine app, you’ll know if drivers are on-time and be able to find a solution in case of an issue.

Fleet Tracking for Telecom Companies

Lower Operating Costs

Excessive idling, incorrect routing and driver behavior all have an effect on your fuel spend and productivity. By curbing bad habits and finding shorter routes, you’ll see big savings.

Fleet Tracking for Telecom Companies

Optimize Vehicle Health

The last thing you need is a vehicle breaking down. That’s why Carmine alerts you the moment a check engine light turns on, so you can have it serviced.

Fleet Tracking for Telecom Companies

Increase Profitability

By improving your entire operation, from drivers to vehicles to routes, you’ll get more done in less time and at a lower cost, keeping more profits on the books.

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