Benefits For Drivers

Give your drivers the tools they need right at their fingertips. From an intuitive dashboard to built-in communication capabilities, they can operate independently while staying on track. And that means you’ll have a happier and more productive workforce.

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Features Your Drivers Will Love

Your business depends on your drivers, so we made sure to include features that they will appreciate. With the Carmine fleet system, they can see where they’re headed, self-manage driving behavior, check in with you or dispatch if needed and ensure their vehicle won’t leave them stranded.


From the dashboard, drivers can get a quick overview of their day and their performance behind the wheel. They’ll see where they need to make changes to improve their performance.


Not only will drivers know where they’re going, they can keep notes on each location and share them with other drivers. And that means everyone can operate more efficiently.


Instead of switching between the Carmine app and text messaging – or making phone calls, drivers are always in touch with you or dispatch from within the mobile app.

Vehicle Alerts

Just like you, the last thing a driver needs is a vehicle malfunction. By receiving alerts as they happen, drivers can also take a proactive role in keeping vehicles safely on the road.

Download The Carmine App.

Whether you’re an Android or Apple Iphone user, the Carmine app is free for download! Check it out and get to know more about the tools we offer you and your drivers.

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