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Increase Your Fleet Productivity

  • By Cesar Yepez

As a business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to increase your productivity and reduce costs.  Every asset in your business should be as productive as possible, especially your fleet vehicles and drivers.  The challenge comes in figuring out how to improve productivity without incurring heavy expenses for your company.  You want to keep drivers on the road as much as possible, taking the most efficient routes and performing their duties on location quickly so they can move on to the next thing. Without a fleet management solution, taking control of these factors can be nearly impossible. Owners would need to rely on their drivers optimizing themselves and do the right thing which is more wishful thinking than reality.

What can owners do to gain control?  Thankfully, there is an affordable and easy to implement solution readily available.  With a fleet management solution, owners can now monitor their entire fleet in real-time, 24/7, using a computer or any mobile device.  They can see what routes their drivers are currently taking, and what routes they took on their past trips.  This allows for efficient route optimization which leads to less miles driven, less fuel costs, and less wear and tear on the vehicles, and improved overall trip times.  Route optimization can have a significant impact on a business, from improving operations, customer service, to bringing thousands of dollars in savings and profits.

Another great benefit of a fleet management solution is the ability to see a driver’s time on location. This information allows owners to effectively manage the time drivers spend at a specific jobs and ensure they are using their time effectively.  Owner now have greater insight into the business operations, knowing the average time it takes drivers to perform their duties at your customers locations, allowing you to improve operational tasks.  With this information you can more accurately charge customers for any work performed on location and have the data easily available to support the fees.  This solution also gives you the data that allows you to monitor the utilization of your fleet.  With this business intelligence, you can quickly decide if there is a need to increase or decrease your fleet or drivers, and optimize driver’s utilization making sure you are maximizing productivity.

Based on this few benefits, you can see how important and beneficial having a Fleet Management Solution can be for your company.  These benefits couple with many more we didn’t discuss on this blog can significantly improve your overall productivity, reduce costs, and achieve higher levels of profitability.

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