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How to Build the Ideal Dream Team of Fleet Drivers

  • By Cesar Yepez

When building the ideal fleet team, it is best to start with building on what you know of your ideal drivers. Start with a simple background check to see if they have any ticket or accident history, perhaps they have previous fleet driving experience or they come with good references from others on their driving behavior and habits.

Checking how they interact with others is also ideal; do they have good customer service? Can they play nice? It is highly likely that they will be interacting with customers, so you should know whether or not they could handle that responsibility first.

If they pass the initial background check then it is time to move on to accessing their driving qualities. When looking for drivers, there are six good qualities you will want to look for in a driver, which mirrors six bad qualities to look out for.

Observant vs Poor Coordination

A good driver is always on the lookout for sudden changes on the road, upcoming traffic, cut off by another driver, etc. In contrast, a poor driver lacks coordination and ability in understanding what to look out for and how to handle sudden road changes.

Patient vs Competitive

Patience is a blessing upon all good drivers to be able to handle snail pace traffic or oddball drivers on the roads. You want to choose a driver who can put the safety of themselves, their passengers, and the car over their desire to reach the destination. You will want to avoid competitive drivers in your fleet, these are the drivers who weave in and out of traffic and make rash road decisions in order to get farther in traffic, faster, seemingly without care for the safety of themselves or their fellow drivers.

Focused vs Distracted

A focused driver will keep their mind on the road and their destination without care for distractions such as roadside accidents and a call or text on the phone. If a driver has a history of texting while driving or seems likely to, then you should avoid hiring such a driver.

Courteous vs Rude

As fleet drivers, they may handle the transport of passengers or items, however, in either case, they are likely to handle some communications with the customer. Someone who can handle customer service and not let the aggravations of travel affect their service ability is the best option as a potential driver.

Experienced vs Inexperience

For any job, hiring the one with the most education or experience is the way to go. A good fleet driver will have many miles already under their belt before they are hired. They will also have a full understanding of not only traffic laws, but also local limits and locations so that they can better navigate the area.

Anticipatory vs Patterned Driving

The road is always changing and a good driver will be prepared for these changes. They should never fully relax while driving, always staying alert and prepared to react to anything. They should never fall into a rut while driving a route as that will lead to patterned driving, which will negatively affect their driving performance as a fleet driver and while driving outside of work.

While building your ideal fleet drive team, you should always make sure your drivers understand that they can consider you are a part of the team. Communication between the drive fleet and management builds a foundation of trust and relation.

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