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5 Benefits of Fleet Management You’re Possibly Missing Out On

  • By Cesar Yepez

Whether your fleet is comprised of a few vans and a handful of trucks, or it’s made up of a whole crew of cars, trucks, vans, etc., fleet management exists to make your life easier. As you juggle your allotment of commercial vehicles, fleet management is there to help support your business: large or small.

According to market research from the independent analysts form Berg Insight, fleet management allows companies, who rely on transportation for their business, to remove or minimize the risks involved with vehicle investments. However, that is not just the only benefit that fleet management offers companies. In fact, there are countless, but we have provided the top five benefits here for you to explore and investigate.

  1. You decide

Fleet management is exactly how it sounds, and you have a surprising amount of control. In fact, part of good fleet management is being able to choose multiple options that best suit your industry and its needs.

As the owner, you are able to determine which vehicles are worthwhile pieces of your fleet and which vehicles are simply too costly. You, then, are capable of considering which modes of transportation benefit your production and deliverables the most.

  1. You are in Control:

There is nothing worse than not being in control of vital aspects of your company because one weak link can destroy the hard work of other departments, and ultimately make your franchise suffer. However, fleet management offers that sense of control when it comes to delivering goods and products. Through this administration, you are able to track and see the diagnostics of every product you put out on the market and into the world. This is known as vehicle telematics, and is a lifesaver when it comes to juggling multiple departments. As an owner, or a manager in a business, you want to simplify your handling of tasks, and thankfully, fleet management offers one less item to keep track of when it comes to product tracking.

  1. You are informed

In composing your own fleet, you have compiled an individual knowledge of its inner workings: the repairs, the gas mileage, the size, the equipment, and so on. Then, in knowing these things, you limit the likelihood of surprises. By deciding and designing, you are informed of everything from cost to maintenance to the safety of your employees. As we all agree knowledge is power.

  1. You Set the Standard

Robert J. Hall from HVACR Business points out that everyone drives differently, whether they are using their own vehicle or ones belonging to a business. Fleet management, however, gives you more control over those who are driving for you. He insists, “Whether you install GPS tracking systems to monitor your drivers, or set up a check-in/check-out system for using the company’s vehicles, you ensure that the drivers you put behind the wheel follow your rules and maintain driving excellence.”  Being able to easily view driver’s behavior, you can easily set your own standard and evaluate drivers accordingly.

  1. You Are Economical

In an article titled The Economic Advantages of Fleet Management, by Sarah Howland, fleet management is credited with saving Namasco Corp., a steel distribution company, $500,000 per year in fuel costs alone with GPS technology. Truly, while not every company may face such drastic monetary shifts, fleet management will save your business money by raising awareness, changing habits, balancing your collection of vehicles, and ultimately, managing your fleet!

At first, the shift may seem like a hassle but, no matter the size of your business or your fleet, their management is important. Some companies allow their employees to use their own vehicles and then simply reimburse them, or they provide vehicles without any uniformity. Using a Fleet Management solution allows you to have more control over cost, driving behaviors, and your business in general. Fleet management delivers great ROI.

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