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What’s Next in M2M?

  • By Ryan Skidmore

It’s Industrial.

Healthcare is example of how M2M technology will be applied in the near future. M2M technology is used in the actual practice of medicine AND by the administrators behind the scenes. ( Automotive by this standard is less evolved, but still a tremendously useful example. M2M technologies have made it into the most advanced parts, sections like driverless cars and insurance, but has yet to make it as thoroughly into administrative practices, especially for those who might benefit the most, small business with multiple vehicles. A third kind of example of an industry embracing M2M is Public Transport Management. It is largely a peripheral industry that will have to become increasingly “smart” to keep up with not only the demands of growth, but changes in the automotive industry. Primarily, self-driving cars. (

Data Data Everywhere.

In the aviation industry, there is lots of data not being collected and an unending need for data to improve the performance of every aspect. Take the jet engine. So much testing is done on jet engines in labs, but not much in the real world. ( M2M technology makes it very easy to collect torrents of data. ( Such situations are typical of many industries. Lots of testing is done in labs and only a sliver of the same attention is paid to the outside world. Largely, the barrier to collecting real world data, like in aviation, is industry rank and file adopting the practice of using and trusting M2M. ( However, like aviation, the value of M2M will only increase over time because it typically solves problems that lab testing and computer models cannot. Additionally, large amounts of data add to the general knowledge of that industry, acting very much like basic research ( The meaning all that data will emerge over time.

M2M and Smart Phones

Phones are the way we control all this new tech stuff. ( If you have a teen/tween son/daughter, you know the phone never stops. I’ll be blunt, the systems with the best phone app will win over the next few years. Better GPS is the future too. All those M2M devices will interact spacially. ( GPS will increase in accuracy to compensate for the small distances, like in the same building, these devices are from each other.  Lastly, healthcare monitoring is one of the most profound advances reliant on M2M and smart phones. ( A bottle neck of medical monitoring has always been display of that information. Imagine a hospital room with all those screens and all that beeping. Now imagine deciphering what all that means. Apps are made, partially, by UI/UX specialists. UI stands for User Interface. And UX stands for User Experience. The people are experts in making digital technology a nice/useful experience. Useful as in accomplishing a task in the real world and simple looking like a movie prop any spy movie. (See!

So what?

All of these advances in far flung regions of M2M technology as a whole add to, even in the smallest way, telematics and fleet management, and all the other parts of your business. Carmine is constantly using advancements in other fields to improve features like Real Time Tracking and Behavior Alerts. All this to benefit you, our customer.

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