Fleet Tracking for Utilities Companies

As a lifeline to your customers and community, it’s essential to manage an efficient and safe fleet at all times. You need your vehicles and drivers to be ready to roll, whether it’s a standard service job or an emergency call during a storm or other critical event.

GPS tracking from Carmine gives you real-time fleet management capabilities and 24/7 visibility into both vehicles and drivers. You’ll know that drivers are being safe and that your vehicles are safe to drive. It’s peace of mind for both you and the customers you serve.

Fleet Tracking for Utilities Companies

Reduce Response Times

By knowing where every vehicle is at all times, it’s easy to dispatch drivers quickly and accurately, finding the best routes in good or bad weather.

Fleet Tracking for Utilities Companies

Optimize Vehicle Health

To keep your vehicles safely on the road, Carmine alerts you the moment a check engine light turns on so you can address the issue right away.

Fleet Tracking for Utilities Companies

Improve Driver Safety

Build trust in your community by monitoring driver behavior in real-time and immediately correcting issues such as speeding and excessive idling.

Fleet Tracking for Utilities Companies

Enhance Communication

Stay in constant contact and track productivity by texting within the Carmine app. It’s the simple way to get updates without phone calls.

Fleet Tracking for Utilities Companies

Control Fleet Costs

By optimizing routes and monitoring driver behavior, you’ll not only have a fleet that’s efficient and responsive, you’ll have one that costs less to operate.

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