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Unconventional Customer Service

  • By Ryan Skidmore

It’s nothing personal

Don’t get into personal beef or think customers being rude is something against your character or what you stand for. Included in offending behaviors is being short or blunt, weaving a tale that’s not true to cover for something, not answering calls, demanding things, ultimatums, and much much more. They are not your friend. Some will be. Most will not go above and beyond to treat you with human dignity. However, most will not be cruel or malicious in the fleet GPS tracking space. They will be tough and cold. Your duty is still to serve them the best you can. Doing so will obtain the best return for the business and ultimately keep customers happy. Even if this happiness smells just like a bad attitude in another context. At the end of the day if you help them with their fleet GPS tracking needs they will see benefits of the service and eventually will show appreciation.

If you get their money you win.

Aside from the above-mentioned bad customers, customer service is about keeping their money and avoid the fallouts of business. It is not about winning personal arguments, seeking or gaining their approval, and becoming friends with them. Deviating from rules of normal personal engagement can be difficult for most people. We are conditioned with them from earliest childhood as a mix of societal values and the better of human nature. In most western cultures, formal arbitrary rules of engagement in special social settings are as alien as walking on the moon. Victorian England serves as an example of a culture run by rules for every person and every social setting.  Well defined and played out rules are easy to act up for someone coming from a different set of rules. We are not accustomed to operating in a quasi-caste system. Even the best modern practitioners can lapse as the day drudges on and on. It’s natural to break from the ill-defined and ill-enforce character. However, pleasantness and harmony with other human beings is a luxury to be enjoyed outside the customer service office. But on the other hand, don’t be a jerk. That won’t help you keep their money. If they see their fleet GPS tracking services worth it, they will continue to pay for it.

Mind-Body-Sales-Customer Service Connection.

Sales and customer service must be on the same page and operate as one continuous funnel. Many a great battle has been fought between opposing departments, chief amongst them are these. However, money-in is the life blood of a business and these are the two fronts of the war for survival, new and existing customers.  It should behoove owners and managers to arbitrate between these two to ensure they play nice and play together. First, make sure that there are no great disconnects between them such as a day delay between selling a product and onboarding them or that customers specific requests are being lost. Second, if there are any points of contention, settle them. Letting a manager or an enterprising employee create their own fiefdom can sink the rest of the business like a certain iceberg sank a certain ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean. In the fleet GPS tracking world, sales and customer service must be on the same page as to features sets and capabilities of the solution.  The worst you can do is having a sales team offering features not available and then customer services having to deal with the problem.

Listen to you customers, collectively.

When it feels like every day every other customer ask for the same feature, make it happen. This is the voice of money. If you are listening, it will speak to you. Every business should handle this process differently, respecting their industry standards and their total capacity, but the big stuff is all the same.   DO NOT DO THE FOLLOWING. Don’t let one customer tell you how to change your product. They have a very narrow vision of how the product will best serve them and this will alienate all your other customers. Ultimately, bowing will waste a mind-boggling amount of your time. Remember, time is money, time is lost opportunity cost. Any new features desired for a fleet GPS tracking solution should be backed my numerous requests from customers. 

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