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Turning Telematics from a Negative to a Positive

  • By Cesar Yepez

If you work with cars, you’re sure to have heard the term telematics, or vehicle telematics. Unfortunately, this term often holds a negative connotation for most employees because, as a progressive technology, telematics can be seen as controlling.

As a software tech that contains GPS receivers, tracks data, collects, sends, and receives information, and can control vehicles on the move, telematics are truly a field that offers a lot of good in the automotive community. Due to this, companies are working to turn telematics from a negative to a positive in the eyes of their employees.

Why Telematics Get a Bad Rap

As technology gets better, some may feel that their privacy is being compromised. Being able to track movements, store and share information, and improve communications may seem as if it only belongs on social media platforms, but the demand for this technology in cars is real and has actually increased over time. Many employees feel that the same things that make Facebook and Twitter great are an invasion of privacy or a way to micromanage while on the job, but taking another look at in-car electronics can actually reveal how helpful it is to have these tech options inside the vehicle.

Though the stigma with telematics can be present at times, simply offering the huge benefits that this technology has to offer both employees and their employers can quickly change it. The truth is that telematics offers huge benefits, and the employers just need to show their employees how.

Why Telematics Are Actually Worth Using

When used with an organization, vehicle telematics can help drastically enhance the efficiency of the company. Many practical applications of this software include the following:

  • Vehicle Tracking: This refers to monitoring the location, status, and movements of one vehicle or a company’s fleet of vehicles. Typically, this is done by using a GPS tracking device installed in the vehicle (or in each vehicle) and using them to communicate with the user.
  • Monitor Performance: Employees can quickly see their full day’s driving performance and be able to see where changes need to be made in order to improve performance.  The more productive an employee is the more likely he is to get promoted and grow with the company.
  • Vehicle Mechanical & Maintenance Alerts: Most telematics systems can now show drivers immediately when there is something wrong with the vehicle like Engine light alerts.  This is incredibly important information given the driver the opportunity to go to a mechanic right away instead of waiting for the problem to get worse or be stuck on the road.  Drivers will also enjoy having the system remind them of when vehicle maintenance services are due.  We have all wished in the past to have a system that could remind us automatically.  As everyone knows, keeping up with maintenance is essential to preventing any problems with the vehicle.
  • Safety Communications: Telematics helps with wireless vehicle safety communications to ensure that people can be reached in an emergency on the road. A dispatcher and the user are able to communicate and exchange information such as location, status of injuries, any road hazards, the status of road, as well as how other parties are doing. In some newer systems, information around car accidents and strength of collision can be sent automatically and help can be sent right away, which has saved plenty of lives in the process. Telematics has greatly help improve driver’s safety.
  • Navigation via Satellite: One of the more common uses, satellite navigation when used for vehicle telematics is especially helpful for locating destinations, planning routes, navigating long journeys, and making maps electronically.

These are just a few of the uses of telematics in vehicles, and there are many more ways vehicle telematics can be used to enhance different companies. While some employees may feel as if there’s no privacy with telematics, the reality is that they are actually much safer with them. Their home company can always tell where they are, how to help them, how to reach them, and more.

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