Fleet Tracking for Transportation Businesses

In the transportation business, your reputation is important. Happy passengers will choose your services time and again, as well as provide referrals and positive online reviews. Making them happy takes safe drivers, as well as on-time pickups and drop-offs.

So, whether you have a small or large fleet of transport vehicles, Carmine GPS tracking will keep your entire fleet moving efficiently so you can deliver the best possible service for your customers.

Fleet Tracking for Transportation Businesses

Ensure On-Time Arrivals

Dispatch drivers quickly and accurately, finding the fastest routes whether there’s traffic, road work or bad weather.

Fleet Tracking for Transportation Businesses

Monitor Driver Safety

Ensure a smooth, enjoyable ride for every passenger by viewing driver behavior in real-time and immediately correcting issues such as speeding, hard accelerating and even hard braking.

Fleet Tracking for Transportation Businesses

Optimizing Vehicle Health

Don’t leave a passenger high and dry because of a broken down vehicle. Carmine sends check engine light alerts so you can service vehicles and keep them on the road.

Fleet Tracking for Transportation Businesses

Improve Communication

Text drivers directly within the Carmine app, get updates throughout the day and ensure every passenger is picked up at the right time.

Fleet Tracking for Transportation Businesses

Increase Profitability

With 360 degree views of your entire service operation, from drivers to vehicles to routes, you’ll get more done in less time, putting higher profits on the books.

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