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Prevent your Car from Being Stolen

  • By Ryan Skidmore

  1. Park in a safe area. As a business owner, securing a safe location to leave your vehicles till the next workday is an investment. Several elements are required. Well-lit areas deter a thief because they can be seen committing a crime. Well trafficked areas ensure that someone might see the crime being committed. Parking in view of a security camera guarantees that someone will see the crime being committed. If your parking area lacks any or all of these, investing in lighting and cameras is a great next move. (Safewise)
  2. Use a GPS tracker. The benefits are twofold, notification of the theft and records of movement after the incident. Normally, walking up to find the vehicle gone is the big ticket. An early warning can put the Car-Recovery process in action quicker, increasing the chance of recovering the vehicle. Tracking movements through a GPS tracking device after the theft provides clues for motivation and possible places to recover it.
  3. Keep your car in good shape. Following cues from the Broken Window Theory, keeping your car clean and free of damage from age or accidents will reduce the chances of a thief seeing your vehicle as a potential target. (Jalopnik) The thief is looking for an easy target. A vehicle in some level of disrepair will not likely have any anti-theft or recovery devices; nor will it be missed enough by the owner to warrant the extra steps and effort to get their vehicle returned.
  4. Have an alarm sticker. Signaling that your car has an extra layer of challenge to overcome will deter most thefts. (Jalopnik) A thief looking for an easy target is unlikely to call your bluff. A sticker takes seconds to install (and costs nearly nothing) and may or may not accurately reflect the inner-nature of the vehicle, but the thief doesn’t know any of that.
  5. Install a kill switch. A car can’t be taken if it won’t start. (Jalopnik) A thief aims to spend least amount of time possible taking the vehicle, some in as little as 15 seconds. (Car Throttle) Attempting to start a car is noisy. Plus a non-starting car is likely to prompt a passer-by to offer assistance, more unwanted attention. After a few fruitless attempts, they should egress your ride.
  6. Never leave valuables visible. Nice things, or any things, in plain sight attract attention. Once the car is opened, taking the whole thing is not a big stretch of effort  (United Lock Smiths)
  7. Never leave the window cracked. First, it attracts the wrong kind of attention, nefarious and kleptic. (United Lock Smiths) Second, it is like a gift for a thief. Any number of long devices with pushing and prying implement at their ends can enter through the gap and unlock the vehicle.
  8. Turn the wheels toward the curb. Let’s say your car is hard to both enter and start. Thievish forces can simply tow your car. Turning your wheels toward the curb puts a dampener on that technique. (Geico)

If you follow these suggestions, you will certainly at least lower the risk of your car being stolen. Installing a GPS tracking device not only helps with recovery after theft, but it can also help optimize your fleet operations and increase your overall profits.

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