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Preparing for the New Year 2017

  • By Cesar Yepez

The 2016 year is quickly coming to an end.  For most business this means closing out the 2016 books and preparing for the next year.  Owners need to finalize all expenses for the year and plan out fully for 2017.  Part of the planning process involves evaluation performance for the year.  Owners need to assess their sales performances, their operating costs, and what was their overall net profits.

This year end assessment process can be very cumbersome, but the main goals are all the same for business owners.  They want to find ways in which they can increase sales.  How to reduce operations costs, maybe through optimization, implementation of new technology, or even downsizing.  Finally, how to maximize their efforts, to take their business to the next level.

If you are a business with a fleet of vehicles, there are many ways to improve operations.  A quick easy way to accomplish this involves implementing a GPS tracking fleet management solution. This can provide tangible results immediately.  Having this solution allows business to know in real-time the exact location of each of their vehicles.  Owners can now easily monitor driver’s routes as if they were seating on that vehicle’s passenger seat.  This has a significant effect on driver behavior.  They will immediately start taking the most efficient routes which leads into a big reduction in fuel expenses but also in time wasted, which means more time available for other jobs that can increase profits.

Another benefit of using a fleet management solution, is the ability to receive instant notification around bad driving behaviors like speeding, idling, or even hard breaking.  All these behaviors generate extra costs for the business, but it can also create higher risks among your drivers.  Bad behaviors can lead to traffic infractions or even worse car accidents.  Both of these can generate serious extra costs for the business.  Improving these driving behaviors are essential for all businesses that want to reduce costs and lower risks.

Starting the new 2017 year with a new fleet management solution will help businesses be more successful as their prior year.   Increase profits, reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and many more benefits can all be accomplished easily by using this solution.  The benefits far outweigh the monthly costs.   Most successful business are using fleet management and have experienced amazing results.  It is time for your business to enjoy similar results.

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