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Oh the Places You’ll Go: See Where Your Drivers Are

  • By Ryan Skidmore

The most powerful part of fleet management. 

Real-Time Fleet Tracking. Seeing where your drivers are and what they are doing for the first time is like turning a light on in a dark room. Everything is clear. Managing your fleet becomes a doable task. All the other features are great, but nothing quite touches the functionality and satisfaction of seeing a map of where they are and were. It doesn’t quite matter so much where your vehicles were idling. Or that you get an alert that one of your vehicles has an oil change later this week as much as where that vehicle is right now. As an organization that evangelizes fleet management, this is the single most impressive feature to clients because it gives them something they have never had before, an eye in the sky.

Like a baby monitor for your fleet.

Nothing will be wrong most of the time. Nothing going wrong. Your drivers are doing nothing wrong. Finding something wrong isn’t the only goal though. Learning the rhythm of your fleet is the true power of Real-Time Fleet Tracking. A very famous industry story goes, a brand new user of fleet management software, the owner of an installation business, called up his vendor. The conversation starts with him asking the support rep to look at the location of one of his trucks just to make sure he was seeing that correctly. He saw that his truck had been sitting at an unknown address for about an hour and half. He asked the support rep to look up the address in Google street view and it turned out to be a bar. Two weeks go by, he call his vendor up again, and he got the same rep. Two of his workers had been spending an hour and a half every afternoon at that bar while they were supposed to be at a job site. He had no idea this had been going on until he started using a fleet management solution. Technology like this was not available to small business owners 15 years ago at anything approaching an affordable price.

A burrito of goodness.

There is no silver bullet to solving all fleet problems a business will triumph over. And…while Real-Time Tracking does feel good.  A toolbox of tools gets jobs done. Metaphors aside, a suite of solutions is the new toolbox. Carmine provides a tuned toolbox of solutions that empowers you to know where your vehicles are and keep them running strong for the long road ahead. In a world where most people would replace rather than repair things, vehicles are still easier repaired than replaced. We get it. We are here to help you do it right. Fleet management is made easier with Carmine.

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