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How Some of the Largest Industries Utilize Fleet Management Technology

  • By Cesar Yepez

Fleet operations need to be well managed in order to function at an optimal level. Companies like FedEx, Greyhound, and UPS are just a few of the many companies that have fleet operations that need to be kept under constant control. In order to take steps towards efficiency and productivity, these companies, among many others, have turned to utilizing fleet management technology.

The Benefits of Fleet Management

The systems behind fleet management technology help companies keep track of:

  • Maintenance
  • Safety
  • Operational efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness of their entire fleet
  • Driving Behaviors

The systems differ from one company to the other, but, generally, it is used for transmitting wireless data to a central computer. Fleet management technology has grown to incredible levels, and the advancements that have occurred are doing wonders for these companies and their operations.

Companies that have large fleets (such as FedEx) are finding many benefits when it comes to the advancing technology of management software.

Fleet management software detects multiple different operations occurring that are costing unnecessary amounts of money, such as vehicle idling. It can notice when vehicles are running but not moving, and the fleet managers can then run reports to see which vehicles are idling the most. This means that the specific drivers can also be found and spoken to in order to prevent them from any further idling.

Another way this technology has saved companies money is by providing clear and direct routes that provide the most fuel efficiency it can.

A company’s fleet will also be better maintained because fleet management software can give custom maintenance alerts for regular check-ups, and, through the GPS, they can also detect when your engines have a low battery.

GPS Tracking Benefits

There are many more benefits that GPS systems provide, though. GPS systems that come along with fleet management technology save companies large amounts of trouble and money.

Having a vehicle under GPS tracking helps to reduce the occurrences of stolen vehicles by providing constant location tracking. There are also the more advanced systems that offer less distractions for the driver, which, in turn, helps prevent any accidents or bumps on the road that could have previously occurred.

GPS systems also help ensure that the operational efficiency of the company is as reliable as it can be when it comes to getting products or services to customers on time.

Fleet management technology has slowly started to become a necessity in a company’s fleet operations. Thanks to the improved management software that this technology has provided, society has been able to see multiple improvements in the ways that companies can operate.

As the technology further advances over time, society will hopefully be seeing even more improvements in the way companies run. Managing a large fleet isn’t always easy, but, luckily for all fleet operations, fleet management technology can only get better from here.

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