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How to keep selling during the holidays

  • By Ryan Skidmore

Keep on Keepin’ on

Keep working to hit your goals. Don’t back up, don’t back down, and don’t slow down. Consistency, in-line with the rest of your year, is the first step to keep selling. Letting off the gas any other time of the year would lead to bad results. The chaos of the holidays only amplifies this effect. Also, your to do list or daily planner is more important than ever because it keeps you on track toward your goals. ( Systems is the keyword. They keep your day together during good times and your sanity together during those bad moments. They may not feel like the most effective in the holiday chaos, but doing the right thing doesn’t usually feel the best. I.E. eating vegetables vs eating cake and candy. On top of the usual, give your customers a reason to act right now. Every business owner knows the notorious phrase, “I’ll do it after the holidays.” Special pricing, discounts, free upgrades, anything it takes to create urgency will do the trick. To accomplish this, boost team morale. Pretending like it’s just another day doesn’t negate the holiday effects, and might increase its negative effects. Things like holiday treats, special lunches, and special incentives can coax out the holiday cheer and keep your team feeling chipper. Be sure to read the vibe of your crew, some staff find too much holiday cheer a little trite. The most important thing is keep your own interactions and attitude positive and holiday oriented, because you as a leader sets the tone.

Get Festive

Get your client-facing interactions on the holiday train. Celebrating the holiday puts your business in the same group as most consumers. You are both celebrating the holidays. Using a subtle touch will also go a long way. Large retail businesses are famous for taking seasonal festivities too far. However, unless you are a large retailer with a huge holiday budget, it’s very unlikely you will go too far. We, as mid-sized telematics company, believe any effort will be just right. Also, many people are in a great mood and feeling more generous. ( Connecting to them as a person is the perfect way to use this advantage. The same feeling that makes people open doors and hold elevators for others can make a sale feel more like a favor to a friend than a business transaction. Additionally, be generous yourself, with holiday deals. Offering deals to new and existing customers creates a sense of urgency to act before the holidays are finished. Customers are conditioned to react to deals this time of year. Not offering something looks scrooge-sque. Take care with the tone of the wording or phrasing of the offer, one misplaced word can turn it from generous to patronizing.

Start Planning Early

The holidays come every year. Double down on a few actions that have worked in the past, but only the most successful ones. Too many efforts will only distract from trying new, more effective practices. If this is the first season your business has made any efforts for the holidays, research basic best practices and only do the most common ones. Like many other business efforts, such as telematics, approaching the challenge of the Holidays with a method will show the best practices for your business by the end of the season. Fine tune the results for next year and you’re miles ahead of the competition. Start with adjusting your social media for the holidays. ( Completely ignoring the holiday will make your brand feel bland. When other businesses are fun and festive, not competing will make your content fall between the cracks. The holidays can be a time of feast or famine depending on your industry, plan your staffing needs far in advance. If you need extra help, seasonal workers are the ticket. If times are slim, putting extra staff on other long-term projects can utilize their time and efforts, and enable completing long standing initiatives instead of cutting staff. No one wants to be let go around the holidays. In that same vein, line up the right amount of product well before the holidays. Whether it be more or less, make ordering and product decisions a precursor to the holidays. It should be the way you start the holiday season. Lastly, make next year better by collecting customer data. ( This will be your guide on what to try next year. What kind of customers bought more? Who bought at the same rate? What new techniques increased sales? Can you use tools, like telematics, to collect data? Follow an intentional plan all the way through the season. Review it at the end and adjust for next year.  

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