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Insurance Tips for Fleet Coverage of Fast Growing Businesses

  • By Cesar Yepez

When growing a business there are things you will have to monitor to keep a steady growth. Fleet coverage is one of those things you need to not just monitor but understand to get the fullest coverage for your business.

Fleet coverage is a necessary benefit for businesses that specialize in out-and-about employment that focus on bringing the product to the people such as:

  • Caterers
  • Car Rental Companies
  • Sanitation
  • Door-to-door sales
  • And more

As your business grows your insurance policy changes and certain coverage and limits begins to become for necessary. With more employees and investments the chances of potential damage rise, paralleling this rise should be an expansion in your insurance policy.

Increase Physical Damage Coverage—with more employees and vehicles there is an increased risk of physical damage. Damage such as collisions and vandalism can are no small joke and it is best to be prepared and covered rather than unprepared and paying for damages.

Raise your Liability Coverage Limits—with more employees you have less chance of building trust and relation, your time would simply be stretched thin. And while you may want to trust your growing team, chances are at least one is not as careful in a company car as you would like.

Invest in Roadside Assistance—this can be a lifesaver. If your business focuses on driving from place to place then chances are you will get a flat and chances are it will be the one employee who’s never used a jack before.

Product Protection—with more people and products out there, you want to make sure those products are protected and you could replace and cover anything stolen or damaged from one of your vehicles.

Keep your Insurer in the Loop—with every gain or loss to your fleet you will want to make sure your insurer is in the know. Additional vehicles and employee driver driving histories could also impact auto insurance rates and constant communication will help ensure you have everything covered.

Review Costs on Each Renewal—with every renewal you will need to re-evaluate the costs involved. A policy may no longer be necessary or an additional policy may be needed but understanding the cost will help keep your business on track.

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