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Insurance is Going Up: Part 3: Train your Drivers

  • By Ryan Skidmore

Drivers Start your Training

The best way to insulate your business from fluctuating insurance prices long term is by training your drivers to a standard that you set and change over time. If you plan on being in business for more than the next 12 month, this is necessary. First, established all the components of your program that will be built out over time. Make it comprehensive, for example: (Developing an effective driver safety program)

  • Make, distribute, and enforce a safety policy.
  • Keep your vehicles operating safely.
  • Monitor driver behavior and performance.
  • Utilize any training materials available online or elsewhere.
  • Eliminate risky driving behavior.
  • Reinforce safety through ongoing communication to drivers’ behavior.

Next, establish a core that will be developed first. Programs take time to develop, test, and refine. A great place to start is monitoring driving behavior and establishing ongoing communication. Whatever elements are extremely crucial to you, strongly establish that, then implement other components. Remember, safety training is a process not an event. Doing one or two day long training sessions or one gigantic burst of action is not the silver bullet. Smaller steps over time are less exacting and vastly more effective.  The training program needs to be ongoing in order for it to become successful over time.

Seize the Day

Ground work can be the most important part of starting this kind of program. One immediate way to clear a path for an effective training program is simple, identify the riskiest drivers within your organizations and deal with them. And how might one do that? Well… a GPS tracking system with driving behavior alerts fits the bill. This system will show you the driving behavior for all your drivers and it will help you identify the riskiest ones.  Lastly, another strong barrier to cross is over coming driver opposition to a telematics system.(Shaping driver behavior) First thing to know, there is no one right way to do this AND your exact situation will need precise explanation to tell your drivers tailored by you or someone who knows your organization. The second thing to know, you may trust your drivers, but no one looks out for your best interest like you. We will cover various ways to overcome driver opposition in a later blog, but the preliminary step for any progress is to start using a fully loaded Fleet Management system. You will be amazed at all the business intelligence you will receive from implementing such a solution.

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