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What happens to my data when a Carmine device loses cell reception?

  • By Ryan Skidmore

Fear Not, Data is Stored

In those rare areas where the Carmine Device may not receive cell reception, what happens? In a perfect world, this would be a non-issue, but cellular signal is a complex miracle that goes awry periodically. As part of our standard practices of serving our customer the best way possible, the Carmine Device stores all GPS tracking trip data. Even after days of no cellular data, every movement the vehicle makes will be recorded and kept in order. All the details. Times. Locations. Stops. When the device does connect again, all that data is transmitted to the server. Recorded trips are placed in order right after any trips recorded before the interruption as though the cell connect was never lost. Your data is not lost, it was just waiting to be transferred via cell connectivity.


GPS Comes from Space

The location of the vehicle can still be recorded by the device because GPS signals come from space. The Device receive signals from multiple GPS tracking satellites to find its own location and stores that information internally. The Device cannot, however, send any signals to the satellites. The power of the device to transmit is very small while the satellites are extremely powerful transmitter. So, while the device will almost always receive signal, it cannot send location data 100% of the time. When the device does not have a clear view of the sky it will have trouble transmitting. For example, when the device is in a multiple story parking garage, it will more likely not be able to receive GPS signal. Also an example, some luxury vehicles have a powerful anti-UV barrier on their windshields that GPS signals have a hard time penetrating. Best way to understand this concept is always thinking of line of sight with the sky.  If there is a clear view of the sky you will have GPS signal, if you are underground or inside multiple level enclosed parking garage then more than likely you will not have GPS signal.



Our device uses multiple carriers, improving the cell phone coverage in most areas compared to if you have one single dedicated carrier. As everyone knows different carriers have different coverage areas, some are best in some areas and some are worse in others.  By using multiple carriers we get the best of both worlds.  But you should understand that we are dependent on carriers for cell coverage, so in the remote rural areas, there is possibility of having bad coverage, but in the positive side carriers are adding new cell phone towers daily throughout the nation so coverage is improving week over week. Cellular signal is the most efficient way to transmit location data from a GPS tracking device. If a better technology is invented someday, Carmine ensures that it too will benefit our customers because constant innovation is core to our ethos.

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