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Easiest Gain from GPS Tracking

  • By Ryan Skidmore

Do you even Track?

Seeing where your vehicles are and have been is a big eye opener. For a business owner who has spent decades not truly knowing what their drivers did day-in and day-out in detail, suddenly having an eye in the sky feels like a super power. Welcome to GPS Tracking. Simply knowing where your drivers are presently has many, many advantages. From knowing which driver is closest to a customer in need to finding each drivers’ location without having to communicate with them via phone, that knowledge makes your business more effective instantly. Business persons of the year would have paid a great price to have knowledge beamed directly to them. Suddenly, you have a basic idea of what your drivers’ days are like. Lack of direct supervision is no longer an issue. Decisions are now based on concrete data instead of hunches or what drivers say. There is no more guessing.  Now everything is based on facts.

All about the Gains!

The advantages of GPS Tracking keep coming at every level, from day one to month two to year three, and onward. Excessive driving is an issue that business owners often recognize after using the system for a while. Watching their drivers’ movements everyday enables them to spot when drivers aren’t being efficient. Drivers may idle more than necessary, which can waste a considerable amount of fuel and money. Some drivers may not be using time as efficiently as they could. While they may not be idling or driving excessively, paying them for this wasted time burns cash that could be better spent elsewhere. GPS Tracking enables knowing when drivers are speeding. A ticket or accident may be on the horizon. Seriously talking with a driver about their speeding habit can prevent a costly incident for the business. Additionally, knowing how a driver is operating a vehicle can prevent excessive wear and tear. Harsh braking and acceleration alerts show when a vehicle is being driven hard. High maintenance costs or something breaking will come as no surprise.

Don’t skip Report day.

Long term success comes from digging into data. Easy gains will come quickly and be obvious, but reports are the key to gaining big results. GPS Tracking enables doing both with ease. To gain insights from reports, run many different ones to find the exact combination that reveals the most detailed information, then run them often and make real changes based on the gleaned information. Truth be told, only you know what is best for your business. After best practices are implemented, only someone close to the action, like a business owner, with a powerful data tool can dial in the business’s operations. Lastly, data is the future of small business. Competition is so fierce that only businesses that use accurate data will thrive. Tools like the Carmine Portal empower small (and large) business owners to gain this advantage.

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