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Benefits of a Professional Network

  • By Ryan Skidmore

  1. Opportunities!

Being in the right place at the right time demands frequenting the places were the right people are at. Talking and conversations with other professionals will inevitably bring their current business situation to the surface, like the need for GPS Fleet tracking. Especially, if you see these people often, simply being there will bring good things your way.

  1. “…it’s who you know.”

Knowing the right people is a synonym for a good network. Not every person will be the “who” that levels up your entire paradigm, but a wide and healthy network will include a few gems. The “who”s come from quality and quantity, especially quantity of quality if you can manifest it.  This saying describes an old school network, pruned and manicured over years, wrought through intentional action, mistakes, and hard work.

  1. Lay of the Land.

Getting out into the world is the best way to understand the current state of forces that shape your professional life. The echo chamber of your office, colleagues, and company is not the all-and-all. Participating in your network will bring fresh and divergent concepts into your periphery. The rumblings of big things are always apparent to individuals paying attention in the right places.  Example, a new GPS Fleet technology is about to hit the market. Implementing it ASAP could give your company a big advantage over the competition.

  1. Allows you to help others.

Being in regular contact with so many professionals will present numerous chances to lend a hand for the exact problem only you are equipped to remedy.  Altruism is a tricky business. What the helpee needs can be lightyears beyond your time and skills. Being in a professional network funnels relevant needs to you. Helping others has countless benefits for helpers and helpees, alike. A professional network is a wonderful conduit for facilitating this virtue. Imagine that you are an expert in GPS Fleet solutions and a close professional contact is starting a business that needs to track its vehicles from day one. You are there to consult and advice for the best outcome.

  1. Raises your profile.

Being visible to that many people will gain you a public image. A derivative of Bullet point 2 goes “it’s not who you know but who knows you.” Otherwise put, an unknown doesn’t have many, or many good, opportunities come their way. Less work is required to have clients and good things come to you. More people are chasing you instead of you constantly chasing them.

  1. Keeps your people skills sharp.

Networking provides a place to practice the art of purposeful socializing. Unless you’re in sales, it’s simple to slip into the unholy triad of Work, Errands, Home; and never mix with anyone except closest friends and family. Years of social practice in high school, college, and post college rust leaving adults feeling lost when it’s time to get their schmooze on for that huge account.

  1. Finding peers.

Possessing a network affords having professional friends and acquaintances to share experiences with and gain opportunities from. Peers are important to every stage of life, but seem to get a little thin during working years. A professional network provides a needed place and time to nurture relationships. Peers provide numerous indirect and intangible affects. The term “Support System” has entered the modern social lexicon. Peers are a massive pillar in the professional Support System.

  1. Finding top level jobs.

Knowing someone trying to fill a top job and being known by them is the surest way to snag this professional chimera. Top jobs often never reach formal channels AKA you’re not going to find them on, perhaps a few will sneak onto Linkedin if favor smiles. Shot callers often turned to what is immediately available to remedy an issue, including employing persons they know and trust in their social sphere.

  1. Find new Customers.

Knowing lots of people means knowing people with problems waiting to be solved. Introducing your services as a trusted acquaintance is better than as a stranger. Again, simply being the right person at the right place and time beats being the best person on the outside looking in. Also, knowing someone’s exact needs and pitching a bespoke solution is more apt to yield a deal than a cold pitch with a cookie cutter solution. Example, if you have the best GPS Fleet tool in the world but your competitor is a personal and trusted friend of the key contact at the firm you are pitching to, be ready for an uphill battle.

  1. Formal networks are dead, choosing to network makes you a power play.

Alumni associations, social clubs, and the like aren’t as ubiquitous or utilized as once upon a time. Actively networking will turn up results because there is less competition for attention. The people still networking are serious about it and more prone to accept your invitation to connect. They are also more likely to use it as a channel to remedy situations.

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