Fleet Tracking for Service Businesses

As a service business, your reputation means everything. Happy customers are the key to generating repeat business, referrals and positive online reviews. That requires not only completing quality work, but ensuring the entire experience is top notch from start to finish.

So, whether you have two trucks or a larger fleet of vehicles, Carmine GPS tracking will keep your entire fleet moving efficiently so you can deliver the best possible service for your customers. From arriving on time to accurate billing, we’ll help you look your absolute best.

Fleet Tracking for Service Businesses

Ensure On-Time Arrivals

Dispatch drivers quickly and accurately, finding the fastest routes between appointments and rerouting the next closest driver in case of an unforeseen delay.

Fleet Tracking for Service Businesses

Improve Productivity

Stay in constant communication with drivers, get updates throughout the day and maximize productivity by texting directly within the Carmine app.

Fleet Tracking for Service Businesses

Lower Operating Costs

By addressing excessive idling issues and finding the most direct routes to every appointment, you’ll see lower fuel costs, less overtime and longer lasting vehicles.

Fleet Tracking for Service Businesses

Optimize Vehicle Health

Don’t miss out on taking on a job just because you’re down a vehicle. Carmine sends check engine light alerts so you can service vehicles and keep them on the road.

Fleet Tracking for Service Businesses

Increase Profitability

With 360 degree views of your entire service operation, from drivers to vehicles to routes, you’ll get more done in less time, putting more profits on the books.

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